The Team

  • Rikki Clarke


    Diploma, Art and Design (Graphic Design), Central Institute of Technology

    Since taking over Creative Spaces, director and graphic designer Rikki Clarke has been mastering the art of multi-tasking. Rikki’s unmistakable laugh brings the whole office to life (and makes it impossible for her to work incognito) and her laser-like ability to spot a double space a mile off means that no detail goes unnoticed.

  • Jade McCallum

    Interior Architect

    BA Interior Architecture (Hons), Curtin University

    A true creative who combines country-girl grit with big city experience, Jade brings a combination of conceptual interior design, intuitive problem solving and careful research skills to the Creative Spaces table. With a love for all things DIY, she’s ditched the Allen key in favour of repurposing previously loved furniture. High-Fives all round Jade.

  • Chiara Adams

    Graphic Designer

    Advanced Diploma, Graphic Design, Central Institute of Technology

    A cool, calm and politically savvy designer from Denmark, Chiara’s chilled and thoughtful presence brings a certain serenity to the studio. Her illustration chops are second to none and it’s our admiration of these skills that allows us to turn a blind eye to her unashamed and unapologetic love of Kanye West.


  • Ben Clarke

    Business Administrator

    BA Maritime Management with Business Studies, Southampton Solent University

    As Creative Spaces’ Business Buff, Accounts Authority and Whiz-Bang-Strategy-Man, Ben’s measured approach and level headed logic keeps us all on track. Ben’s background spans everything from winery operations to shipping and while he may have retired his sea legs, he has certainly not lost his appreciation of a good wine.

  • Caroline Staron

    Office Administration

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, RMIT University, Melbourne

    Hooked on hybrid methodology and the endless possibilities of 3D printing, Caroline joins us straight from bohemian Berlin. Her office management skills coupled with an impeccable eye for design, make her just the right kind of left brain/right brain personality we love in these parts. Pick a language (she speaks three), and come and have a chat about exotic plants or experimental music – all while she keeps the office running as smoothly as a Swiss timepiece.