Heirloom Apartments Interpretation

ADDRESS: 39 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle, WA

PROJECT: Based on Hocking Heritage Studio’s interpretation strategy for Heirloom apartments in Fremantle, Creative Spaces was given the task of weaving the building’s history into its interior through the use of large scale interpretive panels and murals. Wool stores adjacent to the wharf like Dalgety’s have played a significant role in the developing identity of Fremantle as a transport hub and home to local industry.

Creative Spaces designed a set of interpretive panels that were then installed in the foyer of Heirloom apartments. These give an insight into the process of wool production, and the changes within the wool industry over the twentieth century. Expanding on this theme, Creative Spaces designed three large-scale interpretive murals to cover each of the lift shafts within the newly adapted building. The content of these graphics reflect the practices that took place within the building, specific to the wool industry and the evolution of its technologies over time. Typefaces from the appropriate eras were also used to add a layer of authenticity to each of the designs. Perforated metal complements the jarrah beams and exposed brick walls. The juxtaposition of old and new give Heirloom a rich aesthetic that acknowledges both past and present.

Photos courtesy of Greg Hocking

COMPLETED: October 2016

CLIENT: Hocking Heritage Studio