Katanning Welcome Towers

ADDRESS: Great Southern Highway, Katanning, WA

PROJECT: The Shire of Katanning has recently upgraded the entry to town through the introduction of landscaping and three new entry towers. Creative Spaces was contracted to design cladding for four, 7-metre high towers that reflects the town’s multi-cultural population and it’s agricultural economy.

Each tower features perforated panels with laser-cut lettering or imagery lit from behind with LED strips, providing a striking feature upon entry to Katanning.

A big thank you to Perfmet Engineering who undertook the fabrication and installation and Greg Seaton from Photoae for his great photos of the towers.

Executive Manager of Projects and Community Building, Sam Davis, very kindly shared with us his reflection on the project:

The Marker Towers were envisioned to be attractive statement pieces that clearly indicated you had not only arrived at Katanning but were very welcome as well. Through very professional, in-depth but hassle free design consultations, a concept was developed that encapsulated what the vision was and consequently the towers were renamed the Katanning Welcome Towers.

Although the towers look crisp, clear and inviting during the day, it is at night they really come to life, by having a white background to the design which is back lit at night. The Welcome Towers are a community celebration of who we are, both past and present and they also welcome visitors to Katanning with a wonderful warm glowing vista.

Creative Spaces were able to not only share the vision, but able to complete a design that captured it, they very efficiently sourced the different materials required, engaged the contractors and undertook the process with care and attention to detail.

COMPLETED: September 2016

CLIENT: Shire of Katanning