Little Footprint, Big Future

ADDRESS: WA Museum, Geraldton

PROJECT:  What’s one small action you can take to help your local environment?

Recently installed at the WA Museum in Geraldton for the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council, Little footprint, big future is an interactive exhibition designed for children and families. The exhibition aims to empower visitors with positive, everyday actions to help the environment through hands-on experiences.
Traditional aboriginal knowledge has been integrated throughout the exhibition and forms a basis for a deeper awareness of how they managed the land. Recycled materials sourced from REMIDA were used to fabricate the displays as well as Re-board, a cardboard substrate for the display and OSB (orientated strand board), both of which can be recycled. Educational material was provided to children from different age groups in the form of an activity booklet and a ‘promise postcard’.

COMPLETED: Little footprint, big future will be on until the 28 January 2018

CLIENT: Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC)