WA Police Pavilion 2015

ADDRESS: Claremont Showgrounds, WA

PROJECT: The Perth Royal Show is WA Police’s largest annual community engagement event. In 2015, the temporary display was designed to represent the local community. Visitors got to meet local policing officers, go ‘behind the scenes’ and learn more about WA Police, including attending daily live information presentations by WA Police Specialist Units.

The display was broken into three distinct zones, the Game Zone, Uniform Zone and Get To Know Us Zone, using varying colour schemes to differentiate between the areas. These were complimented by floor and hanging ceiling graphics, which arched across all three zones and resulted in a cohesive experience.

Kids were invited to take the ‘Get to know WA Police’ challenge by using their investigative skills to search for clues, filling them in on their note books. They were also able to vote for their favourite police dog or police horse, enter a colouring-in competition and enjoy Constable Care’s garden-themed theatre and story time.

COMPLETED: September 2015