• Exhibition Design
    We create spatial installations (both temporary and permanent) where stories and objects intertwine to create captivating experiences. We work with a range of materials and innovative techniques to create wonder and open up a dialogue between the visitor and the display. This is achieved by a combination of imaginative thinking and good old fashioned design know-how.
  •  Interpretive Design
    Interpretive design forges bonds between people and places of cultural, environmental or historical significance. The ability to tell a story that connects in a deep and personal way requires an immersive approach – one that takes the visitor on a journey to a deeper level of understanding about a place, period of time, event or person of interest. The proper use of research, coupled with our natural curiosity, makes us perfectly positioned to create projects that capture attention and invite truly memorable experiences.
  •  Graphic Design
    Creative Spaces can undertake any aspect of graphic design including logos, branding, style guides, exhibition collateral, custom illustrations, signage and small & large scale interior and exterior environmental graphics. Our ability to do all of this in-house brings a level of consistency and coherence across all elements of your project and ensures that jobs are completed in a timely manner.
  • Multimedia
    Incorporating multimedia into your display adds an extra layer to the overall experience. Soundscapes, apps, touchscreens and tablets, AV productions, kinetic interactives, and projections are some of the elements that can be incorporated into the physical design of your space. These tools aim to heighten the experience, share information and provide an unsurpassed level of interaction to the visitor.
  • Furniture & Signage
    Customised signage is a great way to engage, educate and guide your visitors to particular points of interest. We ensure that all your signage is intuitive, interesting, easy to understand, and complements the look and feel of the overall project.
  • Project Management
    We can undertake the full design of your project from initial concept, to fabrication, right through to final fit out and opening day. We have strong working relationships with a whole range of professionals who we can collaborate with at any stage of your project. So whatever you have in mind we can work to make it happen.
  •  Concept Development
    We can develop concepts in collaboration with our clients for interpretation, exhibition design and vision/master plans. Due to our previous and ongoing work with state and local governments we’ve also got a good grasp of what’s required to obtain funding and approval for projects. So get in touch, we relish the chance to use our years of experience to help exciting new projects get off the ground.